My new favourite snacks!

I have just re-discovered the Graze snack box and I was really rather impressed. I signed up for Graze (the healthy snack box delivered direct to your home/work) a couple of years ago but I found I was devouring all 4 snacks in one hit, which wasn’t so healthy after all!

Anyway, when I have the time I really love to go to the gym.  It’s one of my favourite things to do. I can run a bad mood off, I always feel much happier after I’ve been and I am getting to that age where I have to watch what I eat and keep active. In my 20s I seemed to eat what I liked and near enough always stayed the same size, these days I’m not so lucky.  I also have a new boyfriend who happens to be a personal trainer so I’ve had to up my game somewhat!

The more I train, the more hungry I find myself and I am quite lazy when it comes to making myself food.  I’ll cook for the kids, I’ll make them a healthy snack but when I’m busy working, I just don’t want to stop to make something so signing up for Graze again made good sense.

My boxes come on a Friday, you can choose what day you get yours and how many you want to receive a week so you could get a couple but I warn you – you might end up scoffing the lot like I used to!

In my box I got fruit and seed flapjacks, pear tatin, my Thai and jaffa cake.  The flapjacks were gorgeous.  I planned on eating them with a cup of coffee but actually ate all 3 whilst the kettle boiled – oops! -The pear tatin was also quite yummy, dried pear, raspberry infused cranberries, yoghurt coated sunflower seeds and almonds combined to trick you into thinking you’ve got a mouthful of pear tatin.  Not bad.  Jaffa cake was really good, roasted hazels, orange infused raisins and dark chocolate buttons.  Scrummy!  I haven’t tried the my Thai yet but from the looks of it, it’s baked soy bits and a sweet chilli sauce, that will be devoured at some point no doubt.

Each Graze box is less than £4 and the snacks are healthy and delicious and what’s more they come to you.  I was most impressed to get in from a rainy school run to find a box on the mat.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets excited by the site of the little brown box.

Graze aren’t silly, they’ve added lots of new lines since they originally started up.  There’s something to for everyone and there’s even a new kids section!  I like the idea of this for Sophie’s lunchbox, though I can imagine the school banning the seeds and nuts as a choking hazard.  I might still sign her up, I’d much rather her nibble on fruit and nuts than NikNaks and Haribo. The boxes also contain fun and games or so they say so might be a good purchase for a long journey!

Graze box

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